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DK Homes, LLC

Custom Home Solutions for Southwest Montana

At DK Homes, we provide an experience that will bring a sense of peace to your next project.  One of our foundational qualities is pre-construction planning.  We strive to create a clear picture of your vision, accomplished with  our Design and Architect partnerships.  Every detail of your home will be discussed at length to arrive at your ideal comfort level-both practically in terms of the exterior elevations and floor plan-function and flow, to the  budgetary parameters you set.

When planning your next project, we hope that you might allow us the honor of meeting you and building something that you can be proud of.


We understand that whether you set out to build a new custom home or remodel your current property, your ultimate goal is to make your space more comfortable for your family, and more inviting for your guests.

We have a proven track record of creating very comfortable spaces from basements and media rooms to master suite makeovers. Functional kitchens and outdoor entertainment areas are within our grasp as well.

DK Homes, LLC


Function without true comfort is reminiscent of an institution, not a home. For example, a kitchen should be an equally comfortable space for the chef to create, as it is a place for your family to gather, grow and love together.

We believe that comfort requires functionality.


Once the form and function are realized, your relationships can be nurtured in solitude. Your friends and family will have a beautiful space to gather for meals, celebrations or after soccer practice, helping you embrace all of life's best times.

DK Homes, LLC