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Patio Construction

Patio construction is the most simple and affordable way to improve your enjoyment of your outdoor space. Patios are a ground-level, easy-to-install method of expanding your usable space and allowing you to relax and entertain in the fresh air. DK Homes LLC’s patio contractors are the best local team to deliver beautiful results quickly and without breaking the bank. 

Call our talented team for an amazing addition to your landscaping at (406) 548-7576.

Your Experienced Patio Contractors

Our team of patio contractors has built everything from the simplest to the most multi-faceted patios. Every team member is a trained outdoor patio construction specialist, having practiced and performed our techniques with various materials and in different styles for many years. DK Homes LLC can deliver all your outdoor household improvements to the highest quality standards and for the most competitive prices.

Talented Outdoor Patio Contractors

From an unadorned flat surface on your land to an outdoor oasis, there’s no limit to the spaces our techniques and creativity can create and that you can enjoy to the fullest. Add square footage to your functional space with a DK Homes LLC patio made of:

  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Pavers
  • Brick
  • Tiles
  • Pebbles
  • Rock
  • Wood
  • Flagstone
  • Grass and faux grass tiles

Multi-Functional Patios to Add Property Value

Your patio can be used to soak up the sun or provide a shaded seating area. There are endless options for how you want to use your patio, and our patio construction contractors are the perfect professionals to guarantee every choice.

Some of the beautiful patio projects we’ve completed include:

  • Patios with an attached shed for additional storage or a small studio
  • Patios with a fireplace
  • Patios with a cooking area for barbecuing
  • Patios with in-ground lighting
  • Patios with an in-ground firepit
  • Pool or jacuzzi surrounds
  • Covered patios with a bar and flatscreen TV
  • Covered patios with ceiling fans
  • Patios mixed with grassy patches, small trees, or shrubs

Reliable Patio Construction Contractors

We look forward to meeting you to hear about your ideal patio. We’ll assess the project’s scope, materials, and time required during our initial consultation before calculating a no-obligation estimate. If this estimate is accepted, we flesh out the design and budgetary details before delivering a mutually agreed upon contract. A veteran DK Homes LLC project manager will take the reins from there, organizing permits, code regulations, and safety practices and beginning on-site work. We take care of ordering all high-quality materials and having them delivered on time before the worksite is prepped and ready for construction to begin.

Start-to-Finish Outdoor Patio Contractors

Our detailed and careful construction process begins by laying the foundation and the patio material with precision and strict attention to detail. We build your patio one piece at a time, ensuring every feature is carefully installed until the project comes together perfectly. Our thorough clean-up then reveals your spectacular new patio in all its glory.

Contact DK Homes LLC Now for Local Outdoor Patio Construction

Our patio construction company strives to reduce client stress throughout their project by communicating closely, respecting their choices and budget, and handling every aspect. For expert, personalized customer service on your patio project, call us at (406) 548-7576 now.

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